Who We Are

Lone Acre Farm is a small, family operated farm located in Western New York. We specialize in the training and care of ponies pulled from difficult situations, in order to move them on to their forever homes. More than one has found its forever home here with us, to be pampered for the rest of its days.

Aside from horses, we own everything from chickens to goats. We house a multitude of laying hens, a beautiful rooster named Chanticlair, and a goat named "Fran". We are a hobby farm, owning and caring for our animals purely for the love of it. Every animal here has a loving, forever home and enjoys all the spoils of being treated like children.

We are set beside a small stream and gully, bordered by dense woods that offer shade and comfort during the summer and winter months. We operate with careful care, ensuring the safety of the animals and the visitors to our farms. We love to teach and are active in the community to promote the importance of small-scale and local farming.

We are always happy to give advice, and take in an animal in need.

Meet The Trainer

Our head trainer here at LAF is the daughter of the owners, Meg. She was raised on horseback and has a true love for animals. Her methods are a combination of Parelli and Buck Brennaman, with a little of her own seasonings tossed in. She rides english and western, and specializes in hunt seat and hunter jumper riding. The little guys are always her favorites. She has experience in riding and instruction as well as the handling and training of young foals and inexperienced horses. Whether it is climbing on a horses' back or bottle feeding a newborn calf, she is always up for the new experience. While she is currently attending Davis college to earn her bachelors in counseling, she is determined to keep her lifestyle centered around farm living.

Besides the horses, LAF is home to many other creatures as well, inlcuding a very opinionated goat named Fran.
We have rescued everything from rabbits to turkeys, and always welcome new editions.