Our herd at Lone Acre is an ever-changing crew. We have had everything from Hackneys to Thoroughbreds come here, each with their own unique personality and a special story of their own.

We have a few here that are permanent residents; Fonzi, Chicago, Pearl, and Trooper. They've become the mascots of the farm in their own way, helping the horses who come here in one way or another.

Our Residents


Arthur Fonzarelli, AKA "JustaShamMan" or, as he is fondly known, Fonzi, was the first horse to come to Lone Acre Farm. He was discovered by Meg on April 28th, 2011. It was love at first sight. They have been inseperable ever since. We believe Fonz was abused in his past, due to his fear of people. He is learning to trust again and will do just about anything for a cookie. He loves his girl and follows her everywhere. Fonzi is being trained using Natural Horsemanship techniques, and if all goes as planned, should be started under saddle in Spring/Summer of 2013.


Franny is our resident goat, weighing in as the commanding presence of LAF. She rules the roost and keeps a tight watch on "her" boys. She is three years old, a Nubian/Pygmy cross. In the next year, we hope to acquire a goat-friend for her, to attempt to quell some of the fury that she inflicts upon her equine companions.

Fran is known on LAF as the dinner bell, always letting us know when she is ready to eat!


Scooter is a Shetland Pony gelding who came to us in July of 2014. He has a history with our main trainer and handler, Meg, and she was more than happy to see him again! He is about 10.0hh, but don't let his size fool you - every inch is full of pony attitude! While Scoot has some issues he is working through, he remains gentle and happy to accept cookies on any occasion. Meg has hopes of putting him back to work under saddle in the next year, and looks forward to seeing his progress with Natural Horsemanship over the coming summer months!