These are the horses that have been successfully home through LAF and are living happy and healthy with their new families.


On April 25th, 2015, Trooper left us to move to his new home in Connecticut, to be gelded and trained as a family and pleasure horse. We look forward to watching his bright future unfold! Congrats, Briana!

Nitetime Chicago

Chicago left for her new home in August. She will be trained to pull a cart after a little more time to grow up. She has a new "boyfriend" and is loving life! Congrats, Joyce!


Cali was one of our longest residents waiting for her forever home, but she has finally found her happy ending! In May of 2013, Cali went to live with her new mom at a farm in NY and is now learning to ride and behave like a good girl -- she is even learning to jump! Cali recently placed third in her first ever show with her new owner. Congrats, Jessica!


Reggie is a BLM Mustang gelding who came to us in September of 2012 from a wonderful home in PA. He was going to be a replacement for a very dear memeber of the Lone Acre crew, but his personality didn't quite mesh. He was here until March of 2013, when he went to live with a wonderful family in NY. He is doing wonderfully is his training. Congrats, Nicole!


"Duke" is a 2005 QH gelding we rescued in March of 2012. He was with us from March to June, when he went to live with his new family, the Rightmires, in PA. He's fat, happy, and spoiled at his new home, and is being a good boy as a trail mount. Dukie has a explosive personality that will win you over right from the start. Congrats, Linda!


Angel is a elderly thoroughbred mare that came to Lone Acre in February of 2012. She was several hundred pounds underweight, with several sores and cuts in various locations. She was abcessing in all four feet and foundered. After a few months of rehab, she met her new mom, and is now living, beautiful, healthy, and sound once more, at her new home in Pennsylvania. Congrats, Eileen!